The 5 Most Common Mattress Types

When it comes to your sleep you shouldn’t hesitate to have the best mattress you can find. These days we have so many types of mattresses that we can easily get lost while buying one. We used to walk into a mattress store and bought the most comfortable one and left. However, now we have to consider so much while buying it.

Here are the 5 most common mattress types:

Remembering your sleep

We are all familiarized with the memory foam mattress that “hugs” your body. This mattress will adjust to your body and you will feel as if the mattress was made for you.

Floating on water

I think everyone should try sleeping on a waterbed at least once in their life. Have you ever been on a boat or on an inflatable boat? Now imagine sleeping on it. Like the memory mattress it adjusts to your body and gives you some sort of freedom while sleeping.

Laying on a cloud

Similar to an inflatable boat is the airbed. It consists of a normal mattress but it’s combined with inflatable space, where you can adjust the firmness of your mattress anytime you want.

A new kind of comfort

There is a new trend in mattress world – a gel mattress. Mattress makers put gel filling into the mattress foam and adjust it to your liking. Gel mattresses are good if you want a bed that can be heated, a mattress that assimilates to your body and give you the firmness you can regulate.

A mixture of goodness

If you are not sure which mattress is right or you, you might think of combining two or more mattresses. Yes, that can be done! You can have a hybrid mattress made just for you and you can decide which foam and how much you want in your mattress. You can combine gel foam with memory foam, or normal filling with memory, or all three of them. The possibilities are endless. And why not have a mattress that combines all the best mattresses and get ready for the best sleep of your life!…

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