Hello and welcome to my blog! I am so happy to see yet another face that is considering buying a tiny house. On my blog you will find everything to get you ready to buy a tiny house. Besides that, I like to write about life in general, so expect to learn and find some fun blog post on my page!

My name is Ramon Krueger and I am a tiny house owner. Not only am I really enjoying being my own boss but I love how my expenses dropped! My life has turned for the better and I decided that I have to share my experience with everyone so that you might decide to own a tiny house too and watch how your life turns for the better as you spare more money each month!

Besides that, sleep is very important no matter where you live. Recently I have been looking for a new mattress. Because I think I found the perfect one, you can also read a blog post about mattress information that I think is important if you want to buy a mattress that will wake you up well rested.

If I didn’t explain something well in my blog post, please check my Contact page for more information about tiny houses.